Secure Database in Cloud Computing - CryptDB Revisited

Ziynet Dayıoğlu


Databases contain most valuable personal, economic, and government information. They are most desirable to the malicious adversaries and therefore, it is very critical to protect against all possible adversarial behavior. With the recent rapid growth in the availability and popularity of cloud services, many personal and business and government information are now moving to the Cloud. Therefore, databases are more difficult to protect because of new security and privacy issues. Various techniques have been proposed to solve the outsourcing database scenarios which preserve a certain degree of confidentiality while still allowing to execute some SQL queries efficiently. CryptDB is a new database management system for protecting data confidentiality while preserving confidentiality and performing a standard set of SQL queries in an efficient way. CryptDB seems to be practical compared to other attempts at solving the problem of computing with encrypted data and the database can be fully moved to the Cloud with no security concern because all the data are already encrypted and never revealed to the database administrator.

In this paper, we revisit CryptDB from cryptographic point of view. We first describe it in more details for ease of understanding and then highlight the drawbacks of CryptDB from security and efficiency points of view.

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